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  • Bdinfosys uses our exclusive partnerships and incredible purchasing power to offer premium server hosting at unrivalled prices.

    Choose between SoftLayer™ or Multacom, or Hostgator data centers, iWeb, high performance dedicated servers or hands-free managed servers.

    Whatever your choice, premium support and dedicated SLA's are available with every dedicated server, so you can be sure you're in safe hands.

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    Datacenter Overview

    • Secure out-of-band management via VPN
    • Access to private OS update servers
    • Access to private local DNS resolvers
    • Access to centralized NAS / backup
    • Gigabit speeds from server to internet
    • Gigabit speeds from server to server
    • Multiple internet backbone connections
    • Cisco systems 10G network
    • Cisco guard DDOS protection
    • Automated IP routing and management
    • Arbor Atlas Global Traffic analyzer
    • Add services to existing servers on-the-fly