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Mobile App Development at BD InfoSys

BDinfosys provides Offshore and Local Mobile Application Development services for Android, iOS, Windows and Fireefox OS which include the following:

  • Implement Immediate accessibility and access
  • Real time integration with dedicated automated devices
  • Integration with customized GPRS and SMS gateway
  • Compatibility and integration with the existent information systems
  • Connectivity with GPRS and other location based services
  • User friendly features
  • Picture supporting facilities, videos, sounds, and many other


Our App Development Process



We conduct competitor analysis, use mobile and web analytics to assess user behavior and preferences, create and guide you through persona exercises and conduct sketching workshops.
We start with ideas generated collaboratively and sketch it out so you can see it. We refine it together. We do lots of sketching.
UX / IA Wireframes

Detailed, annotated wireframes define the user’s flow through the application. You can see before we build, and decide what you like best.

Pixel for pixel, high fidelity mockups accurately demonstrate the look of your mobile application.
When it makes sense, we incorporate a prototype into the design phase to engage in a higher level of design analysis and review.
We use Usabilla or lightweight in-person scripts/interviews to quickly validate design decisions.
We know how to accelerate the design process to sprint to market. And we know when we pull back to revisit and refine.

What BD InfoSys Offer?

We help you create a plan that defines and prioritizes high-value, high impact mobile app features for your first release that will meet business goals and solve users needs.

Our multidisciplinary design team delivers elegant mobile app designs with a superior and engaging user experience that will drive loyal use and our teams have extensive front-end and deep back-end system integration experience to build world-class mobile apps on-time and on-budget.


Mobile App Native Platforms

  • Our native  mobile app development services produce the most reliable and fluid user experiences
  • We are world-class experts in iOS development and Android development

Mobile Responsive Website Design

  •    We create custom responsive website designs that are extremely mobile friendly   
  • We deliver optimized experiences regardless of your customer’s device

Mobile Location-based Services

  •   We create interactive,  location based app solutions, for a delightful user experience. 

Social Media App Integration

  •    We integrate apps with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+  
  •   We are experts at Apple’s iOS 8 App Extensions enabling cross-app sharing

In-App Purchases App Specialists

  •   We have extensive experience in integrating In-App purchase for Android and iOS platform 

Mobile Notification and Analytics

  •   We optimize and deploy push messaging and notifications with complete targeting capabilities that enable your brand to engage and connect. 

Mobile App Server Development

  •    We are experts in developing back-end server software using Java and Ruby 
  •   We are app integration leaders with back end web services using SOAP/REST


Mobile App Distribution

  •   We are experts at deploying your app through multiple distribution points (iTunes/Google Play/Amazon etc.) 

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