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    We realize the need for your servers to be running 100% of the time. Our team of experienced system administrators, customer service representatives, and programmers can work directly for you. We support any Dedicated Server, Cloud Server, or VPS running a Linux OS and CPanel, Windows Application Server etc.

    • Initial Server Setup
      If you have a new server, we'll setup and configure the server completely from scratch to get the server ready for your use!
    • Linux Server Security
      Linux server security check.
    • WHM/CPanel Technical Issues
      System updates, debugging errors, patching bugs, system compatibility checks.
    • Server Backup Restoration
      If your server requires a restore, we'll restore all of your backups returning your server back to normal.
    • Disaster Recovery & Hack Recovery
      If your server is crashed or hacked, we will determine the cause and rebuild your system from backups.
    • Server Migration
      If you are moving accounts from one server to another, we will migrate them for you from the old server to the new server.
    • 3rd Party Software Installation
      Fantastico, RVSkin, CpanelPro, CpanelXp, ClamAV, Mailscanner, URCHIN, ZendOptimizer, Ioncube, GD, Curl, Freetype, Eaccelerator, Ruby on Rails, ImageMagick, Perl modules, etc...



Instantaneous Support For Emergencies

In an emergency every minute is vital. Get immediate help from Bdinfosys. It is our job to manage your servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.