We have made our own code library named Sysfrm for building web application.
Gatorbilling is our first application made with this code library.

What is SysFrm?
Is it another PHP framework ?
We hate PHP framework! Here is the five reason why we hate all PHP framework available in the internet.
1) Frameworks Execute The Same Code Repeatedly Without Need, the result is slow application, bad performance.
2) Frameworks Require Too Many Interdependent Classes
3) Duplicating the Web Server Functionality
4) Needlessly Complicated Solutions

Why SysFrm?
There’s a wide offering of PHP frameworks available on the globe, from full-stack frameworks containing ORMs, validation components, and loads of HTML helpers, to micro frameworks which go little beyond offering routing functionality. They all claim to be special, either with beautiful syntax, high speed, or good documentation. But Sysfrm really is quite different compared to the other frameworks. It’s not a PHP framework, it’s a combination of most used php classes, jquery, most used jquery plugins for business application and bootstrap css frameworks.

Exceptional performance.
Dynamic class loading features, as they load code only as needed. Different page requests can load different amount of library code based on what needs to be used.
Security is first priority & Suitable for business applications.
Routing engine wrote with a fully different idea, not like other PHP frameworks. Use simple Closures to respond to requests to your application. Build amazing application as you already know PHP, you don’t need to know routing engine inspired from another language.
Built in best performance ORM, works great with MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, and SQLite.
You don’t need to learn another template engine because you don’t have time to Google which template engine is the best, We did it for you, we have tested and found Smarty is the best with great performance and bigger community. Some biggest commercial software made with this. So we have chosen it.
And It’s Fun! Target PHP professionals who want result and stability.
This might actually be most important point of all. When you have fun doing your work, you will be more productive and happier in general. It’s like getting a new toy, and being able to build cool things with it.

Download It:
Oh, no. I forgot to say, it’s not free of charge 🙁 It’s not another GPL project. It’s open source but commercial. It can only be found with our Commercial web application.

Okay, assuming, you already have it, I mean you already purchased one of our application built with Sysfrm, Now let’s start learning how you can extend our application for your needs. How you can add extra features or build module.

File Structure:

Getting Started:

More Coming Soon…

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